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Obama might not veto anti-Israeli UN resolutions

The New York Times quotes the Administration’s officials.

The importance of UN resolutions is over-rated. Iran lives with scores of resolutions. And after two thousand years of international condemnations, Jews have gotten used to them.

Many proposed resolutions owe their lives to the prospect of an American veto. Other countries increase their anti-Israeli rhetoric, expecting the United States to veto the resolutions. Even an institution so corrupt as the UN cannot afford to pass dozens of resolutions against Israel without passing a single one against Hamas or Syria.

In the unlikely event that the United States ever ceases to veto hostile resolutions, their number would actually decrease.

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My G-D is the light is blinding. The wax is gone from my ears. Is that truth I hear?

RevBadel Memphis 02 June 2009

Anti-Israel UN resolutions reflect the general attitude towards poorer and weaker countries in Europe. They don’t seem to regard Israel as a separate state with its own government.Anti-Israel UN resolutions only show that there will never be any really fair internationl organization.

Juan W._Warwick 03 May 2010

Iran war if it begins, will finally show that Arabs should be destroyed as such altogether.

Dax Waialua 03 May 2010

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