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Obama: Jews out, immediately!

The US president demanded that Netanyahu reply by Saturday to her defeated enemies’ demand that she stop construction in East-North Jerusalem.

Abbas and the Arab League require this freeze as a precondition for continuing the peace talks, despite having lost all the wars they ever fought with Israel.

The construction freeze clearly shows the areas of Jerusalem which Israel has agreed to give away to the Arabs. Not that the map is a big secret, anyway.

Obama could only have been able to extract such humiliating concessions from Netanyahu in return for promises on Iran.

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I can`t believe what I`m reading!
If they bow down to Abbas and the arabs what is left for Israel?
It will only be a matter of time before Jerusalem is divided and Israel will have more rocket attacks to contend with and a possible war!
Almighty God will step in just at the right time to save the Jews as written in scripture, but Obama, I wouldn`t like to be in his shoes because judgement will be upon him and the US for pressuring Israel to divide her capital, Jerusalem!! Come, Lord Jesus!

Carole ColwynBay 27 March 2010

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