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Obama fakes war with Iran

The US administration leaked information about plans to beef up its missile defense systems in the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Militarily, this is complete nonsense: there is not a chance that Iran would attack these countries even if Israel were to strike at Natanz. Bahrain is increasingly falling into Irani’s orbit; UAE is Iran’s window to the outside world, despite the sanctions; and attacking Saudi Arabia would certainly bring the USAF into Tehran.

Obama’s move is merely a show intended to balance Ahmadinejad’s achievements. The Iranian leader has promised that by early February his country will start enriching uranium to 20%. The same technology would allow Iran to enrich its stocks to weapons-grade. Iran’s Weapons Group had already conducted successful experiments on implosive warheads, and 20% enrichment capability means that Iran is three months away from manufacturing the bomb.

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Can you please explain why it’s OK for Israel to have nuclear weapons but not OK for Iran?

Derek CapeTown 04 February 2010

Sure. That has to do with the difference between “we” and “they”.

You may also consider that Israel did not threaten to wipe Iran off the map.

admin 04 February 2010

people like derek make me sick: they are ignorant, yet make smug rhetorical attacks, as if their mere feelings make them right, sick of such idiots. LEARN HISTORY FIRST YOU MORONS AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEWS BEFORE SAYING STUPID NONSENSE LIKE, “OH WHY IT IS OK FOR ONE GUY TO HAVE A GUN AND NOT THIS OTHER GUY HUH, ALL GUYS SHOULD HAVE EQUAL WEAPONS, AND ALL GUYS ARE NICE” STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 12 February 2010

Derek must be from Russia. There are so many strange people in our country who keep saying that Iran has the equal right to have nuclear weapons. The point is that those people do not suggest that they might be blown up one nice day by just the same guys whose rights they so strongly defend now.

Ivan Voronezh 16 February 2010

Iran war is very unlikely to happen because hopefully people still understand the consequences of this step which may literaly turn into apokalypse. if Iran war begins, it’ll be much worse than WW 2 and will be the last one for humanity.

Tristyn W._Springfield 03 May 2010

They say Obama betrays Palestinians but in fact Obama betrays the world as such because he lets Iran do what they want.

Dalton Wahiawa 03 May 2010

Israel Iran relations are sure to keep on going worse and worse. And America definitely adds to it as much as possible. But Israel Iran conflict may be counter-productive for the world. That’s why the US’d better think twice.

Hadley Waldoboro 03 May 2010

Obama turning Jews over to Arabs plays with fire because there’re quite a lot of terrorist in both these countries.

Grady Walker 03 May 2010

Us Iran war is a toy for Americans who would be glad to strat it but are too much afraid. Luckily, of course.Us Iran war will be a failure for America from the very beginning. That’s why they’re simply teasing.

Blaine Tonga 22 May 2010

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski anti-semite nature would be very happy to have Israel starting war with Iran, of course, but thanks God it’ll never happen.

Manuel Asunción 22 May 2010

The US war with Iran is another gossip the US are happy to spread. War with Iran is the last thing America may be interested in nowadays.

Rosario OlympiaWA 29 June 2010

It’s more likely for Jews to have a war with Iran since vengeance in Judaism occupies one of the central places and there’s always something you can take vangeance fon on Arab.

Tristian PortlandOR 29 June 2010

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