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Obama betrays Palestinians, too

The Maariv reports that Obama has “allowed” Israel to complete 2,500 housing units in the West Bank, which are in advanced stages of construction.

The Kenyan also made impossible demands on Arab countries to warm their relations with Israel.

The moves will discredit Obama on the Palestinian street, which had hoped for unrelenting pressure on Israel.

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It is very important that we always speak the truth.
Pres Obama had a Kenyan father. But as required by the U.S. Constitution, he is an American citizen by birth.

RevBadel MElvis 09 July 2009

Obama betrays Palestinians probabaly but this is a norm for Ararbs, isn’t it?They freely and easily betray each other, so why should they expect something different from Americans? Obama betrays Palestinians they say. But he definitely betrys Israel as well.

Emerson W._Hartford 03 May 2010

This lebensraum Israel needs so badly shouldn’tdepend upon the will of some foreigners who feel bold enough to demand something!

Hamish Waco 03 May 2010

Kenyan + false birth certificate…
Agree…always speak the truth…

A. Zorro Miami,FL 16 November 2011

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