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North Korea's peaceful nukes are over

The communist regime has finished reprocessing its 8,000 fuel rods into plutonium, adding at least two more nuclear bombs to its stockpile. Since North Korea had exported nuclear technology, uranium, and an entire reactor, no doubt it is ready to sell the bombs, too.

According to the Vienna draft, Iran would receive similar fuel rods, which it can also reprocess. The Russians have already supplied Iran with 80 tons of fuel rods for Bushehr.

Iran vacillates over the Vienna agreement: its various officials give contradicting replies. Iran needs to buy very little time to complete its nuclear cycle.

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Uncensored Korean news proves that North Korea is not going to stop its activity as far as nuclear power is concerned. Thesituation is aggravated by the fact that judging by uncensored Korean news, the mind of the Koreans are not that sound and they’re simply dangerous for the rest of the world.

Talon Victoria 03 May 2010

Buyers of North Korean missiles must be glad to hear that these guys will keep on working hard to meet the requirements of the customers.

Devin Vineland 03 May 2010

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