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North Korean nuclear program on upswing

North Korean nuclear program in upswingThe US Treasury has imposed sanctions on several North Korean companies for money laundering.

Everyone knows that North Korea engages in money laundering as the communist regime’s most productive activity. The US removed previous sanctions two years ago as a reward for the Koreans’ suspension of their nuclear program. Since then, North Korean nuclear development has been on and off, but mostly on.

America’s talks with North Korea on nuclear matters proceed secretly because their constant failure jeopardizes American credibility. The only ones who are fooled in this way are American voters: Iranian, Pakistani, and North Korean leaders know all the details of the talks.

The current round of sanctions is due to the failure of talks over the newly constructed light-water reactor. Sanctions are completely futile: North Korea will cover its losses from sanctions manifold by exporting nuclear technology.

In our opinion, Iran has outsourced much of its nuclear program to North Korea.

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Each generation buys itself a limited amount of peace,at a the price, of it people it sacrifices.

How can Iran & North Korea Leaders be part of humanity when they are preparing to unleash weapons that will cause great stuffing too others.

If the Leaders could reflect on there youth or childhood,if you play with fire you will get burnt.

For these are not toys you are making.

But if they use them,you in turn will incinerated and your earthly life will be over and vast areas of the lands will be destroyed is this what you want to leave behind for you children to inherit.

To be a great Leader you need to show goodness kindness to your people,and the world you live in.

But you do not use weapons of mass destruction, to exert your powers on others.

For that is the way of Evilness and plays no part in Humanity. For you are according to your actions.
And these actions will be very carefully monitored
by others,for if you start your evilness; we will finish it.

For the Almighty one will unleash the wrath of his anger like a bolt of lightning, there will be no escape for you, your people, or your children.

You played no part in humanity by your threats of Annihilation, only following in the footsteps in you Satanic belief in a religion that you have distorted for your own ends.

A R Thompson B/mouthUK 23 November 2010

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