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North Korea seeks Iran’s fame

Posted By admin On January 30, 2009 @ 11:42 am In North Korea, feature | No Comments

Obama’s policy of negotiating with enemies has started to bear quite different fruit from what he had expected. Rogue states have realized they can engage America by grossly hostile actions.

North Korea has renounced its non-aggression pact with the South and escalated their smoldering conflict. There are conflicting reports on the North’s nuclear program, which is being revamped. The communists reasoned – correctly – that they can get the most from the United States by following Iran’s example. The conflict for them is a product, to be sold to the eager buyer, Obama.

Obama prepared a ridiculous letter to Khamenej, graciously informing Iran that it no longer belongs to the Axis of Evil (its place is now reserved for Bush); that it should look at its neighboring countries and copy their economic policies (Iranians despise their Arab neighbors as primitive); and that it should cease its support for terrorist organizations (which Iran considers freedom fighters). If Obama wants to irk the Iranians, this stupid letter is the way to go.

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