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North Korea recognizes American weakness

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry indicated that it is ready for negotiations with the United States, but refused the previously agreed-upon six-nation negotiations format.

The communists understand that it is much easier to wrest concessions from Obama than from China or Russia. The North Koreans refuse disarmament, however, so the purpose of the talks is not clear.

Fearful of accepting responsibility, the Obama Administration refuses to engage in bilateral talks.

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North & South Korea,should try to become Children and not Adults,for if you share the bounty of the earth,is much more rewarding to the people you represent,than to start activating weapons to cause others harm and sadness.

For if you reverse the thoughts of conquest and join this world we live in, you will open up untold wealth and prosperity not only for your country,for the hold world will embrace you.

Arthur Ronald Thompson Bournemouth 25 November 2010

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