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North Korea conducts missile test for Iran

North Korea has snubbed Obama once again: after agreeing to halt its proliferation activity in exchange for food, the communists announced plans to test a three-stage ballistic missile. The Korean Committee for Space Technology issued a statement that the test is important for the Korean economy. Note that they said economy,  not defense. That is as clear as it gets: North Korea is developing long-range missiles for Iran.

The US has a simple way to halt such tests: just shoot down North Korean missiles over international waters. That would be even legal, given the UN’s anti-proliferation policy, and North Korea would have no means of retaliating. But the West is too weak even for that.

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The wests problem is that it continues to project modern western values on North Korea. Those above are responsible for those who put them there. North Korea works in a feudal system where wealth flows up. Similiar to a Mafia crime family or some churchs. Those at a lower level gain value by what they pass upward. Those at the top have power and influence by the benefit they provide to the leader. The US takes the position that the leadership is responsible to the population, not the other way around. The financial benefits from the missile test would benefit the military and top level of government By supporting the power structure it has great benefit while the US food program supports only those at the lowest level therefore not as important to North Korean society

Billy Claremont 12 April 2012

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