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Nice Jews learn to vandalize

Ramat GiladA small group of settler youths penetrated the army’s Efraim base near Kalkilya in a weak attempt to settle scores. The settlers thus ‘warned’ the army not to proceed with the expected demolition of their homes in Mitzpe Yitzhak and Ramat Gilad hamlets.

The reaction of the Israeli establishment was hysterical, even though the settlers did little more than express themselves: they threw paint at army vehicles, a few small rocks here and there, and scattered a symbolic quantity of nails on the road. A skirmish ensued after hundreds of settlers blocked the army units attempting to demolish the hamlets at night.

When leftists control Israeli courts, and traitors sit in Israel’s government, there is little choice left for good Jews but to resort to mild violence.

More than a dozen settlers were arrested.

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Samson, those acts, as well as the crossing into Jordan the other day, were inspired by PROVOCATEURS. There’s nothing the govt would like more than to characterize the nationalist movement as violent and extreme. Particularly now that the cause is gaining adherents among US Republicans.

Yesha Jews need to organize and to unite in order to defend their rights and to raise funds for a real campaign to tell the truth to Israelis and the world. But they don’t do that. They engage in silly skirmishes instead that accomplish absolutely nothing.

Organization, boycots, actively engaging in discussions with fake-right-wing coalition MKs, demanding full Israeli sovereignty over Yesha, and nurturing courageous young political leadership are some of the things they should be doing. Not having pointless tantrums here and there.

Canadian Otter 13 December 2011

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