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Netanyahu takes Auschwitz plans to Israel

After discussing the settlement freeze with Angela Merkel, Netanyahu was presented with Auschwitz blueprints from the German archives. He also toured the site of Berlin’s Wannsee Conference, which defined the goal of annihilating all the Jews.

Given Obama’s demands, Netanyahu needs all the experience he can get.

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Netanyahu at Auschwitz must have personally felt the spirit of millions who died there. It’s strange even to think how he, i.e. Netanyahu at Auschwitz, felt since souls of Jews killed there demand revenge.

Ewan Uelzen 30 April 2010

And after all these atrocities they want Jerusalem To Be Controlled By the United Nations! And Germany is one of tht members. After Auschwitz Jews should be contolled by Germans. Are they crazy?

Dane Ujung_Pandang 30 April 2010

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