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Netanyahu pretends he cannot pass the haredi enlistment

The PM has promised to hold new elections if he cannot push a Tal Law alternative through the Knesset. Wait, Lieberman has said the same thing. Between them and the leftist members of the coalition, who would surely support anti-haredi legislation, Netanyahu has at least 70 votes in the Knesset. So there is no problem at all passing the new legislation.

The problem is that Netanyahu is not sure that his own faction would vote against the haredim. Thus the threat of new elections targets his own MKs.

Netanyahu’s choice now is to press the anti-haredim law and lose the haredi parties in his government—leaving it open to blackmail by Barak’s leftists—or call new elections, which would still leave the haredi parties holding the trump card to form the coalition. Effectively, there is no choice at all, but only postponement: Netanyahu has to reach compromise either with the haredi or the leftists.

Most likely, the PM will settle for a watered-down version of the Tal Law.

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