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Nazi criminal set free

Predictably, Austria has refused to prosecute Nazi war criminal Joseph Kumpf because he was younger than twenty when he served in the death camps, and thus protected by the statute of limitations.

That legal problem was clear when the United States extradited their eighty-five-year-old accused citizen.

Mossad abandoned hunting Nazis forty years ago, but now that Joseph Kumpf is walking freely in Austria, a sitting duck target, cannot the security service spare a few bullets for him?

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Nazi news is not that nice. But after all, so many years have passed. It doesn’t seem to be wise to kill this guy now when he’s an elderly person already and will die anyway. Instead of concentrating on Nazi news which belongs to the past, isn’t it better to think about the present?

Reilly Tulsa 30 April 2010

NATO news isn’t optimistic either unfortunately. Israel seems to be abandoned by other countries.

Taro Tunis 30 April 2010

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