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Muslim Brotherhood is now official

At a meeting in Turkey, Syrian rebel groups formed a National Salvation Council, which includes members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Since the US and Turkey encouraged the formation of the council (which would legitimize their invasion of Syria, if an invasion were to prove necessary), the Brotherhood is now an internationally recognized political group for the first time in its near-century of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism.

The council also includes liberals—whom the Islamists will easily push aside.

Meanwhile, the White House did not prevent Iraq from sealing its border with Syria (clearly on Iran’s orders) to prevent arms smuggling to insurgents. The extent of Washington’s pettiness can be seen from the fact that Clinton named Assad as the culprit for the first time only after his militia raided the US Embassy in Damascus.
Turkey has cut its ties with Assad’s regime, which is not an important development per se, but it demonstrates how little Israel can trust Turkey’s assurances, despite Turkey’s long history as the major Israeli-Syrian mediator.

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the muslim brotherhood, WELL I THINK he did.
CAIN’T YOU SEE that man , obama , SMILING ?

Donald Barnes Grenada,Ms.38902 19 July 2011

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