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Murderers of Christ and Mickey Mouse

Pressed to take a Jew-hating Mickey Mouse-like character off the Palestinian TV, Arab terrorists had the Jews murdering the Mickey Mouse who thus died the martyr death. Palestinians quickly replaced Mickey Mouse with a similar character who teaches Arab children to kill Jews.

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Yhe prisoners released were not terriorists but people who broke Israeli laws and who agreed to follow the law or t;hey wouldn’t have been released. Terriorists should never be released because they are criminally insane. This is what all civilized countries do, they protect their citizens from the insane. That video that the Palestinians are airing is a proff that there are still many crazies left and they need to be arrested and imprisoned. It’s the accepted practice everywere in the civilized world.

Bib Poplar kenosha,WI 23 July 2007

“Murderers of Christ” who must be Jews of course is a stupid thougha very unpleasant comparison. Christians are traditionally regarded as “Murderers of Christ”, so this metaphor is a bit out of place.

Ashkii Townsville 30 April 2010

Haruki Murakami Israel was so offended by might get surprised by the perverted mind frame Arabs have.

Adrien Trapani 30 April 2010

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