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Murakami: good, but no good friend

A month ago, the assimilationist Israeli media reveled in Haruki Murakami’s decision to accept the Jerusalem prize for literature. The fact of a famous pagan accepting an invitation to visit Jerusalem sent them into euphoria. Especially since Murakami had defied local calls in Japan for boycotting Israel.

After receiving the prize, Murakami published an article condemning Jews for oppressing the poor Palestinians, who somehow enjoy the fastest economic growth rate of all non-oil-producing Arabs. It is especially nice to see this humanistic concern from Japan, whose atrocities sixty years ago would have made the Nazis blush.

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Haruki Murakami Israel has been so fond and proud of, did nothing new. For those peope like this writer the situation looks different than for Israelis and Arabs boiling in the same pot. That’s why Haruki Murakami Israel is so indignant about now cannot simply understand everything and provides the point of view of a lay observer.

Gary Toulouse 30 April 2010

The author of An open letter to liberals would be extremely glad to read this article of ungrateful Murakami and add him to the list of people whose behavior is similar to that of Arabs.

Kenjiro Tours 30 April 2010

Israel Haruki Murakami has offended so much is actually wrong from my point of view. Irrespective of whathe thinks about Palestine and Israel relations, he’s a great writer. It’s an honour for Israel Haruki Murakami has visited the country.

Kynan Twin_Falls 30 April 2010

Jewish Muslim marriage might be a great source of inspiration for Murakami to check whether the Palestinians and otherArabs are really so miserable as he thinks.

Wade Tyler 30 April 2010

Murakami Jerusalem has so anxiously waiting for turned out to be a supporter of Arabs. Nobody could blame him because for Murakami Jerusalem might have seemed to be a place of various atrocities.

Alan Valdez 01 May 2010

Israelis leaving Israel might have served as another factor which made for some negative impression Murakami got.

Jolon Valdosta 01 May 2010

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