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Mubarak's rift with Iran widens

The Egyptian government’s Al Ahram newspaper lashed out against Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas with unusual harshness, accusing them of undermining Mubarak’s government. Though this is perhaps just an excuse to allow Israel overfly rights en route to Iran (or a show of irritation over Hamas’ rejection of Fatah’s unification bid), the story may be genuine. Aging Hosni Mubarak is mindful that Islamic fundamentalists killed his predecessor Sadat, and sees the Muslim Brotherhood as a real threat to his successor Gamal Mubarak. Iran can subvert Egypt’s secular government through the Brotherhood after discrediting Mubarak by forcing him to crack down on the Hamas liberation movement.

The Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt’s largest political group. Sooner or later, it will take over the country and annul the peace treaty with Israel. If Iran is allowed to get nuclear weapons, Egypt will have to develop them too, and the Brotherhood will eventually control the bombs.

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