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Mubarak praises killed Israeli spy

Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak called Ashraf Marwan “a patriot.” Dr. Ashraf, a weapons trader who notified Israel of the Yom Kippur attack two days in advance, was killed in London last week.
Mubarak’s remarks suggest strong Egyptian interest in the black market of weapons, presumably the weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Ashraf was not active as a back-channel link between Israel and Egypt.
Another Israeli spy, Sharif al-Filali, also died in Cairo jail today.

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Sharif Filali who died i8n the Cairo jail demonstartes once again the hypocricy Arabs are so good at. If Arabs were such fans of Sharif Filali and other Israeli Spies, isn’t their behavior queer?

Jonas Timmins 30 April 2010

Arabs never tell the truth, do they? Even a Nazi famous for all the world turned out to be a Muslim most wanted for Israel.

Antonio78 Tinak 30 April 2010

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