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Most wanted Nazi was a Muslim

Mauthausen death camp “doctor” Heim converted to Islam and peacefully died in 1992, reports German ZDF TV. The Egyptian government provided him with asylum, despite its peace treaty with Israel and despite massive aid from America.

Scores of Nazi war criminals lived in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, and helped the Arabs build modern armies.

Before moving to Egypt, the scum lived in Germany until 1961.

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Muslim most wanted as a Nazi is funy. It’s really absurd to think about all the twists of in the life of this guy before he became a Muslim. This Muslim most wanted as a Nazi is a nice joke to tell.

Reed 67 Tifton 29 April 2010

So, probably,instead of Jewish muslim marriage we’ll now have to speak about the Jewish marriages with Nazis?

Callum Tillson 29 April 2010

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