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Mossad engaged Darfur rebels to stop arms flow to Gaza

The Jerusalem Post reports on Mossad’s meeting with political leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement. [News reports on Mossad meetings, huh...] Israel has supported SLM for some time, and the guerrilla group has an office in our country.

The issues of common interest include Al Qaeda, stopping the flow of Sudanese refugees to Israel, and intercepting weapons shipments to Gaza.

Mossad seems to take over IDF wars where the government lacks the will to conduct them. The agency is also heavily engaged against Iran, disrupting its nuclear program.

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Darfur Israel Mossad has been trying to employ, so to speak, do not deserve Jewish trust. They’re Arabs and can easily betray at any moment. Darfur Israel Mossad look like a straw a drowning man will catch at.

Alessandro Thibodaux 29 April 2010

Le Figaro Sari Nusseibeh has been talking to makes it’s clear that you can’t trust Arabs. Never.

Judah Thomasville 29 April 2010

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