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Mossad chief: does he really mean it?

Ex-Mossad chief Meir Dagan has gone public with his well-known opinion that an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities would start regional war with unpredictable consequences for Israel. Huh? Okay, at worst we will take a few mid-range missiles from Hezbollah and perhaps a dozen ballistic missiles from Iran, though these would be probably intercepted. At most, we’re talking about a few hundred casualties, and likely much less.

Allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons would lead to similar missile attacks from Hezbollah, which would then be protected by an Iranian nuclear shield.

Dagan added that the regime change in Egypt is unimportant. Huh? Getting Fatah and Hamas to come to an agreement within a few days, opening Rafah, and ending Israeli-Egyptian security cooperation do not seem like minor things to us.

On Syria, Dagan said that removing Assad would serve Israeli interests by putting a stop to Hezbollah arms smuggling. We fail to see why any new regime would be less interested in controlling Lebanon.

Meir Dagan

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I had always attributed him as one of Israel’s finest, turns out he is just another flakey Oligarch, no real insights as how to control situations, looks to me that keeping the bomb away from Iran would be logical, waiting till they have one, is not.

chuck BendOregon 09 May 2011

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