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Moderate Egyptian candidate calls us an enemy

Moussa and FotouhIn the Egyptian presidential debate the allegedly moderate Fotouh called Israel an enemy, while his opponant Moussa more generously spoke of our country as an adversary. That’s after thirty-five years of peace. Both candidates promised to review the peace treaty.

We are indeed indebted to Obama for the Arab Spring.

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The problem was not so much the idea of the Arab Spring but the void it left allowed Iran to slip in and create influence. While the US and Israel in particular have been whining with their thumbs up their posteriors, Iran has been very active diplomatically, building trade and security ties. Israel does not deserve to exist if it can only rely on others for its security. The US is no longer the only super power and with a powerful eastern bloc and its growing ties in South America there are going to be more rapid changes in the world’s power structure. So far Israel has been acting like a small child crying wolf while the rest of the world turns its back. The leaders in Israel need to show more leadership and action and less whining for help that is not coming.

Gail Ajax 11 May 2012

It looks like Israel is now losing support in France with the socialists already looking sympathetic to Iran. Sakarov while a critic of Israeli leadership was a big supporter of Israel. With Obama in office and being rewrded by support for taking a stand against Israel that leaves few real supporters for Israel in the international community. Ahmadinejad already speaks like the fall of Israel is a done deal. While I disagree with him I do think he has cause to be optimistic. Inaction is not serving Israel.

Gail Ajax 13 May 2012

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