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Massive rocket attacks on Sderot and Ashkelon

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Massive rocket attacks have been launched from Gaza on Sderot and Ashkelon. A dozen of Kassams and five Katyusha rockets hit Israel. One Grad-type rocket struck downtown Ashkelon. A Kassam wounded an old woman in Shaar ha-Negev kibbutz. Scores of cars and homes are damaged.
Unusually, Hamas claimed direct responsibility for most of the attacks. The reason is clear: young militants and guerrilla factions draw attention away from Hamas with constant attacks on Israel. Hamas has to uphold its reputation as a fighting organization. For the same reason, Fatah continues to support the West Bank terrorists.
The Gaza fighting follows a familiar spiral: a terror operation originates from Gaza, Israel retaliates, killing a few Palestinians, they retaliate with rocket fire, and merry-goes-round.
Barak, a disgusting liar, promised a “harsh and painful” response. Hundreds of similar promises made before didn’t come to anything. Barak pushed for the truce with Hamas months ago, despite Olmert’s opposition; the truce allowed Palestinian guerrillas to stockpile weapons.
Instead of bombing Gaza in response, the Israeli Army warned [1] the Jews to stay close to bomb shelters.
What would be the American response if Mexicans shelled its cities for three years?

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