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Massive rocket attacks on Sderot and Ashkelon

Massive rocket attacks have been launched from Gaza on Sderot and Ashkelon. A dozen of Kassams and five Katyusha rockets hit Israel. One Grad-type rocket struck downtown Ashkelon. A Kassam wounded an old woman in Shaar ha-Negev kibbutz. Scores of cars and homes are damaged.
Unusually, Hamas claimed direct responsibility for most of the attacks. The reason is clear: young militants and guerrilla factions draw attention away from Hamas with constant attacks on Israel. Hamas has to uphold its reputation as a fighting organization. For the same reason, Fatah continues to support the West Bank terrorists.
The Gaza fighting follows a familiar spiral: a terror operation originates from Gaza, Israel retaliates, killing a few Palestinians, they retaliate with rocket fire, and merry-goes-round.
Barak, a disgusting liar, promised a “harsh and painful” response. Hundreds of similar promises made before didn’t come to anything. Barak pushed for the truce with Hamas months ago, despite Olmert’s opposition; the truce allowed Palestinian guerrillas to stockpile weapons.
Instead of bombing Gaza in response, the Israeli Army warned the Jews to stay close to bomb shelters.
What would be the American response if Mexicans shelled its cities for three years?

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