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Massive protests against Israeli invasion of Gaza

Arab governments, including Fatah thugs, are siding with Israel in her attempt to dislodge Hamas, but they also are pandering to their constituencies with anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, Hamas-neutral rhetoric. But the masses donít play politics, and they will take the rhetoric for encouragementóstill more credible, as it comes from pro-Western politicians.
Arab regimes have come under popular criticism for collaborating with Israel against the Palestinians. Mubarak so far stands with Israel more firmly than anyone else, and no wonder: a Hamastan in Gaza would provide an operations-base for Egyptian terrorists.

Responding to the incitement, Arab masses took to the streets. Turkey, the Muslim country most friendly to Israel, saw up to 700,000 of its typically secular citizens in Istanbul protesting the Israeli operation.
In Morocco, another Muslim country friendly to Jews, demonstrations were attended by 40,000. Interestingly, an anti-Israeli demonstration in Lebanon was about ten times smaller. Apparently the Lebanese, who have had first-hand experience with Palestinian terrorists, are not that antagonistic to Israeli goals.

In Norway, an anti-Israel demonstration turned violent, and the Israeli Embassy was attacked. Sixty years ago, the German Embassy faced no such threats.

Canada is a country most Jews imagine to be safe, yet more than 10,000 people participated in anti-Semitic demonstrations in major cities.

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Countries that protest against Israel simply do not understand what the reasons are for this invasion. It’s not because Jews enjoy it but because they have to. Countries that protest against Israel see only violation of some norms and principles. But they don’t see what Jews see living so closely to Arabs.

Shay St._Albans 28 April 2010

Galit Popouk| is a dirty Jewish woma if sheaggred to marry an Arab after all these awful things Israel had to go through.

Mallory Stamford 28 April 2010

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