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Massive anti-Israeli rally in Egypt

anti-Israeli demonstration in New York50,000 Arabs took part in an Alexandria demonstration in support of Gaza. The friendly Egyptian government chose to ignore the event. Two months ago, Avigdor Lieberman triggered a wave of apologies from Israeli “leaders” for less than pleasant words about Mubarak, while Anti-Israel rallies took place in every other Arab country. In Algiers, anti-Semitic demonstrators got unruly, and more than sixty were wounded in clashes with police; the world media paid no attention as they were not wounded by Jews.

But what to expect of Arab countries when anti-Israeli demonstrators in San Francisco chanted “Yitbah Yahud” (Slaughter the Jews!) and in New York they carried banners equating Jews with Germans. In Canada, thousands protested the Jewish urge to exist. Similar demonstrations with overtly anti-Semitic slogans took place in Britain, France (30,000 protesters each), Germany (40,000), and Denmark. In Greece, 4,000 went out to protest Jewish self-defense. The world’s concern for human rights contrasts markedly with its silence six decades ago.

In Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria hundreds of Arabs and Jewish leftists clashed with Israeli police. Fatah police do a commendable job of preventing large-scale gatherings but opt out of clashes when they happen. Arabs rioted on the Temple Mount (what an abomination): even after police refused admittance to Arab men, their women attempted to march on Jews.

A thousand-strong pro-Hamas rally was held in Hebron, which is a major achievement for Hamas supporters because Fatah police are very strict in Hebron, where Hamas enjoys huge support. Arabs hurled stones and firebombs at Jewish policemen. Unlike in the disturbances by Jewish youths a month ago, no Israeli leftists condemned the riots.

The worldwide condemnation of Jews encourages Palestinian terrorists.

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