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Marriage to Arabs is hazardous to Jews

muslim marriageIsraeli media are pounding their collective chest over a story of one Galit Popok, a renegade Jewish woman who married an illegal Palestinian migrant, moved with him to Gaza, produced six children there, and ran away to Israel with three. Her husband was killed during the Gaza operation and she holds the government responsible for bringing her abandoned children to Israel.

Popok is not alone. By various estimates, ten to fifty thousand Jewish women are married to Muslims. They’re continuously abused both because they are women and because they are Jewish. Many want to escape from their husbands, but the Israeli Supreme Court has abandoned them. According to Israeli law, Muslim families fall under the jurisdiction of Sharia. Sharia proclaims children of Muslim fathers to be Muslim; these Jewish wives converted to Islam in order to marry Israeli Arabs. These children, whom Jewish law recognizes as fully Jewish, cannot leave their Muslim fathers when Jewish women finally realize they must divorce them.

For many years, Kahanists have run an informal organization that protects those women. Despite threats from the Arabs and criminal prosecution by the Israeli government, Jews enter Arab villages and forcibly remove the children to reunite them with their mothers. For years after the divorce, Kahanists guard the women, whose Arab ex-husbands often try to kill them. They have saved thousands of women and their Jewish children—and they need your donations.

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why these people cant be in peace
let them live a normal life
and be normal
killing is going on all over the world
thanx to ALLAHA dubai is safed

ali dubai 13 June 2009

Galit Popouk is a silly Jewish woman. Are there not enough Jews to marry them? And now Galit Popouk makes the Jewish government solve her problems.

Leslie Springfield 28 April 2010

Remember such great Jews as Lt. Aharon Karov! How can they get married to Arabs?!

Alec2012 St-Hubert 28 April 2010

How many Jewish woman are married to Palestinian people? This is the question no one knows the answer to. How many Jewish woman are married to Palestinian people? It’s extremely hard to answer the question since no one has ever counted.

Akihito St._Charles 28 April 2010

Maverick police REPLACED the situation will be getting only more complicated since he was among those responsible people who worked really hard.

Derek Staten_Island 28 April 2010

Israeli Arabs with Jewish wives are a disgusting sight. Besides, belonging to different religions, it’s almost impossible for them to preserve marriages. But the situation for Israeli Arabs with Jewish wives is exacerbated since it’s almost impossible for women to get a divorce.

Harper St._John's 28 April 2010

Mahmoud Dahlan is a well-known Arab. And look what he is! And even after that women want to be wives of these dirty creatures.

Wynne Steubenville 28 April 2010

Israeli Jews married to Arabs sounds as disgusting as ever. It’s a shame for Jews all over the world.Israeli Jews married to Arabs shouldn’t be regarded as Jews at all.

Jaime Sumter 29 April 2010

Jews married to Arabs are the same as Ethiopian christians in Israel: no one needs or likes them.

Malik Sun_Valley 29 April 2010

Jewish Israeli women who marry Israeli Arabs should be immediately penalized. Jewish Israeli women who marry Israeli Arabs understand what they do that’s why the government shouldn’t be worried about the consequences of these marriages.

Zain Talara 29 April 2010

Saudis buying Israeli land is the result of lack of restraint for Arabs.

Felix Tallahassee 29 April 2010

Jewish women who marry Arabs are first a shame to the Jewish nation as such and second, the ones who are ready to commit a suicide. Hardly any other woman would marry an Arab man. Jewish women who marry Arabs condemn themselves to death.

Lane Tegucigalpa 29 April 2010

jewish men are undoubtedly more preferable than Arab ones since their laws are do not contradict those Jewish women are used to.

Shaka Tehran 29 April 2010

Jewish muslim marriage sounds illogical. Two different religions are very unlikely to be on friendly terms with each other. That’s why Jewish muslim marriage ususally ends in divorce.

Lee Thule 29 April 2010

If even Jews hire other Jews, why would Jewish women marry Arabs?!

Yuma Thunder_Bay 29 April 2010

Jewish woman and Muslim marriage are incompatible things which will never give any positive result whatsoever.Jewish woman and Muslim marriage can’t work simply because the moral rules for these peole are different.

Abel Tinian_Island 30 April 2010

Neither Jewish women nor Israeli spies such as Sharif Filali will ever be happy with Arabs.

Tyson99 Toledo 30 April 2010

Jewish Muslim marriage is an absurd thing to do. ASrabs do not consider a woman to be a human being. And Jewish women are not used to such attitude. Jewish Muslim marriage is extremelu unreasonable and it’s surprising how parents of Jewish women allow them to do such awful things.

Arnav Tupelo 30 April 2010

Nazi news Israel has git recently shows that there’re still people who are evn worse then Arabs.

Adley Tuscaloosa 30 April 2010

Any Jewish woman saved from Arabs will say that you’d better not marry even the best among them.And any Jewish woman saved from Arabs will confirm that it’s almost impossible to run away…

Vito Van_Buren 01 May 2010

Should Jerusalem be controlled by the UN/ this question makes sense only if they’ll protect Jews from Arabs.

Mitchell Van_Nuys 01 May 2010

I am an ortodox jew in Brooklyn and married to a Pakistani muslim. All I can speak for is me, but every Orthodox Jewish man I dated did not treat me good. My muslim husband treats me like gold, loves me, and encourages me to keep my identity. We are at home in my world or in his. We created our own world and it is a happy one!

Jenny 29 September 2010

Gosh, how you can call yourself an Orthodox Jew

admin 29 September 2010

Wow you guys all crack me up. How much importance you place on your faith getting in the way of love. The world would be a better place if we didn’t have religion. Jew, Muslim, Hindu, who really cares marry whoever you want. Eventually education will prevail and we will realize that religion is pointless anyways.

AmericanGuy NewYork 27 November 2010

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