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Mad, mad justice

The court upheld a decision by the parole board to refuse parole to Angelica Yusupova.

Yusupova, an immigrant from Russian Muslim territory, placed bombs at a disco and restaurant in Tel Aviv. By chance, the bombs did not explode, so she was sentenced to only twelve years, rather than to some eighty consecutive life terms.

Normally, justice does not differentiate between accomplished crimes and crimes that merely fail. Israeli courts allow would-be terrorists to escape with relatively short sentences to create a pool of prisoners for future exchanges.

Yusupova’s petition for parole was rejected for an odd reason: because she did not show remorse and may still be dangerous. Remorse? Scores of terrorists have shown remorse, been released, and returned to their terrorist trade. Dangerous? That can be solved by deporting Yusupova. The real reason terrorists must suffer is vengeance.

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