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Likud is good for nothing

Netanyahu’s coalition leaves his fellow Likudniks without a single major portfolio: the Finance is taken by Bibi himself (would a prime minister have time to manage another ministry?). The Foreign Ministry is taken by Lieberman, and Defense by Barak.

If Likud MKs are so useless, why include them on the list? Because Bibi chose those who pose no threat to his leadership.

In terms of strategic vision, Moshe Yaalon would have made a better defense minister than Barak. In any event, the Defense Minister has very little influence on army matters, which are mostly controlled by the Chief of Staff.

The formation of a coalition with Avodah requires Netanyahu to expel the right-wing National Union from his government, which is the only fitting move for Bibi now that he has done away with Moshe Feiglin.

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