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Lieberman's MK quotes Rambam selectively

MK Rotem of Lieberman’s party has tabled a draft alternative to the Tal Law. The bill calls for all citizens to serve in the army while offering exemptions to up to 1,000 haredim. His approach is superficially correct, but ultimately nonsensical.

The army simply cannot integrate the 60,000 haredi men who now receive deferments. They would die rather than accept the numerous violations and desecrations which the army forces on them for no reason. The proper approach would be to reform the army first to make it religiously acceptable for Jews, then draft the haredim.

True, the haredim can join the National Service instead of the army, but the service cannot accommodate that many unskilled volunteers.

Matters become even worse when the law is applied to the Arabs. Clearly, they would rather join the National Service than the army. So we can either have huge numbers of young, radical Arabs in mainstream Jewish organizations, or the Arabs can be fictitiously employed in the Arab sector and paid by Israeli government. What is the solution? There is none. Not in the multinational nonsense of the contmporary Jewish state.

MK Rotem quoted Maimonides to the effect that every Jew is obligated to work, even if he learns the Torah. The quotation makes sense, but quoting it is silly: every religious Jew knows that Rabbi Karo’s later opinion to the contrary has prevailed. And if MK Rotem is so fond of Maimonides, why not quote him on the question of Arabs in Israel?


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