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Lieberman sold Israel in private capacity

Israeli investigative journalist Yoav Yitzhak published secret police materials concerning numerous criminal investigations of Avigdor Lieberman. Concerning his meeting with PLO leadership to lobby the interests of Jewish mogul Martin Schlaff, Lieberman testified that it happened after he left Likud and before forming his own Israel Beitenu party.

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Israel Beitenu – moving from the benches of the Knesset to the benches of the courthouse…
Esterina Tartman inventing titles she never had,faking car accident injuries,Israel Hasson pissing internet surfers off by the thousands with his stupid law,and now this…
It’s no news that parties reaching it’s peak tend to fall apart in the same manner…

David KibutzMefalsim 13 February 2008

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Zello 12 May 2008

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