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Lieberman: Livni's Trojan Horse?

After the elections, we suggested that Lieberman would have to pay back Kadima for its support of his party, and would push for a government with Kadima.

Lieberman’s publicized campaign to gain the Foreign Ministry is highly suspicious. Regardless of his attempts to reshape himself into a supporter of a Palestinian state, he remains absolutely unacceptable to the Israeli leftist establishment, too right-wing to conduct peace negotiations. One wonders whether Lieberman was not erecting another straw man, just as he did with Justice Minister Friedman—this time to make Netanyahu embrace even Livni as Foreign Minister.

Netanyahu is still undecided whether he wants a narrow right-wing coalition or a dysfunctional government with his purported ideological opponents from Kadima.

As an apparent payback to Lieberman, the Olmert-Livni government approved his trademark welfare program for Russian immigrants.

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