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Libya turns out worse than Egypt

Abdel Nakim BelhadjWashington’s idiotic move to oust Mubarak brought Egypt under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamist anarchy reigns in South Egypt and Sinai, far from the capital.

Thanks to NATO, Islamist forces headed by Al Qaeda veteran Belhadj control the Libyan capital. The CIA captured him eight years ago and handed him over to Gadhafi, who has kept him in jail ever since. Now he is easily the most powerful person in Tripoli. Islamic militias are flush with weapons captured from Gadhafi’s arsenals.

No one in the West knows for certain the whereabouts of Gadhafi’s chemical weapons, of which he possessed more than two tons. It is not even clear whether Gadhafi purchased chemical agents on the black market after relinquishing his existing stockpile under American pressure, or whether he produced them at yet-unknown facilities. Islamists are likely to lay hands on those weapons, too. Both Islamists and mainstream Muslim rebels have already sold advanced weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah.

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