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Libya to buy $2 billion of weapons from Russia

Libya will buy $2 billion of weapons from Russia, including S-300 and TOR-1M anti-aircraft batteries. Libya is technically not a “problematic zone,” and Russia will supply it all the arms it wants. Then Libya’s dictator can transfer them to Iran.
The agreement will be finalized during Qaddafi’s upcoming visit to Moscow.

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Libya buys weapons from Russia. So what? Many other countries buy weapons from Russian and not from Russia only.There’s too much fuss about the fact that Libya buys weapons from Russia.

Oliver Sibu 26 April 2010

Jews are always against when other countries get stronger. It’s natural, of course, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Libel against Jews is what may be more interesting for Israelis since this happens within the limits of their own country.

Fynn Sigonella 26 April 2010

Libya purchases weapons from Russia and why do Israelis sound so surprised about it? Israel buys quite a lot of weapons, too. And if Libya purchases weapons from Russia, it means that the conditions are the best there.

Brett South_Gate 28 April 2010

Libya has to buy arms because Israel evacuation, Gaza destruction, Iran nuclear power simply make the country do what it does.

Rian Southfield 28 April 2010

Lybia buys weapons. And thousands of countries all over the world do the same. And nothing happens. Israel buys arms that’s why Lybia buys weapons too.

Rafael St._Louis 28 April 2010

Ben Gurion messiah is a more urgent problem than that of Lybia.

Harley Stratford 28 April 2010

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