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Leftists hunt Rabbi Dov Lior

As we have guessed here, the defenders of Arab human rights demand charging Rabbi Dov Lior with criminal incitement and racism. Rabbi Dov Lior of Hebron announced that Israelis should not hire Arabs as they are dangerous to Jews.

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Where are the arabs who stand against these outrageous terror acts by allegedly loyal “citizens” of Israel. Ah, I see, there are none. They were none home at the time of the survey.. They were all out marching up and down, waving green hamas flags, celebrating the marriage of their killer of children and handing out candies to their own children, further inciting them to violence against more Jews. The incitement to violence here is by the leftest, or any person of any perspective against the welfare of Jews. Those who condone anyone who incites to violence against Jews. Where are these great defenders of arab human rights when the arab murders our children; plotting against other Jews it seems. There is no racism here in this call, it is a call for the sanctity of life, for the preservation of the life of our children, so precious to each of us that there can be nothing said that can appease the hurt. It simply matters not if they are arabs or barn flies, if they pose a collective threat against the life of we as Jewish people, then we cannot hire them. What, are there not enough Jews without work? Are there still the poor, the needy, the homeless among us, enough to keep our effort directed at saving another Jewish life? This violence against school children has proven those of renown memory who spoke to just such events, yet we would not listen, no, rather we condemned them as racist. So, now that I have chosen to not believe those loyalty documents the arabs signed, because their religion says, it doesn’t matter that you signed, you don’t owe the Jew any of your truth, you call me a racist.
There is a saying: you only find hypocrites in church, simply because those who don’t believe stay home.
If you wan’t to find racists, I suggest you go to your local leftest meeting, there will be plenty to pass around, oh, and they are all hypocrites as well.

Emek Hawaii 27 March 2008

What’s about Rabbi Dov Lior now?

Anonymous 05 May 2009

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