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Lebanese government cooperates with Israel

Expecting mass clashes when IDF repels border trespassers, the Lebanese government has declared its border with Israel a closed military zone. Since the government is heavily influenced by Hezbollah, it follows that either the terrorist group wants a pretext to avoid confrontation with Israel, or the government is washing its hands by setting up a buffer zone which the protesters will ignore.

Netanyahu practically invited the Arab protesters to break into Israel by promising that the troops will exercise restraint.

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It will appear to be a peaceful mass march on Israel’s borders with women and children in front, however, some suicide bombers among them will detonate themselves resulting in carnage. The IDF will be blamed. Indiscriminate and unjustified murder will be the new hysterical blood libel in the world’s media.

This will give Obama the leverage he needs to strangle Jerusalem out of Netanyahu. Pray that I am wrong.

Simon Wajcer Montreal 04 June 2011

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