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Kurds' reliance on Exxon is misplaced

The White House, as is well known, abandoned its loyal Kurdish allies. The US signed a mammoth $11 billion arms deal with Iraq, and turned a blind eye to the fact that the Kurds are Iraq’s only potential enemy. Iraqi preparations for a Saddam-style crackdown on Kurdistan, a highly advanced and moderate Muslim entity, are reportedly well under way.

The American logic is clear: Obama values his air bases in Iraq more than he values Kurdish support. He is certainly wrong, as pro-Iranian Iraq will evict American forces soon. Obama does not want to alienate Maliki by supporting the Kurds, but Maliki has already become an Iranian puppet .

The Kurds have launched a backup influence plan by selling oil concessions to US companies, notably Exxon. Their expectation, naturally, is that the oil giants will lobby the US government on behalf of the Kurds. That won’t happen, however, because Maliki will offer to respect Kurdish concessions to the oil corporations after dismantling the autonomous republic.

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