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Knesset acknowledges its corruption

During a squabble with MK Zeev Elkin, Knesset coalition chief Eli Aflalo shouted at him that the coalition would never vote for Elkin’s bills. It’s beyond comprehension to Aflalo and his likes that bills should be voted on their merits for benefit of the People of Israel.

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Knesset corruption in Israel is hardly the problem of Israel only. Governments all over the world have this feature and in some countries it’s accepted as something inevitable. In fact, if Knesset corruption causes so much concern among the people, it means that it’s not that widespread.

Esme Scarborough 24 April 2010

Black line Kineret and the whole Israel as a result suffers from may come from this corruption of the government.

Feng Schaumburg 24 April 2010

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