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Kassams hit Palestinians? Jews pay.

In a truly crazy decision, the Labour Court recommended that the National Insurance Institute pay workers’ compensation to Palestinian laborers injured in the Kassam strike on Israel.

So the Arab residents of Gaza who were injured in the 2005 rocket attack on Gush Katif would be treated as if they had suffered work-related injuries.

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Could you please get additional info on this ruling? Names of jurors, their bios if available, or other related items of interest. I am beyond shock. I look at these aberrations with scientific interest now. And who knows, maybe a little more exposure and ridicule may serve as a deterrent, although I doubt it. There’s no cure for whatever ails those people.

Canadian Otter 28 December 2011

WHAT?? Is there a drug problem here?

william jackson 28 December 2011

What? Is there a drug problem in the labor court?

william jackson 28 December 2011

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