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Kadima out of the coalition

As Netanyahu forms the narrowest possible 61:59 coalition, Kadima moves into opposition. Besides Livni’s personal issues, the disagreement comes amid Netanyahu’s refusal to endorse Kadima’s major platform—Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Judea and Samaria. That demand was prominent in the 2006 elections on the heels of Gaza disengagement, but many Israelis expected it to be shelved after even Peres and Beilin admitted that disengagement was an error.

Peace rhetoric is Livni’s only way to differentiate herself from Netanyahu. Indeed, it is her only electoral platform, as she has nothing else to sell.

Unless Netanyahu fails utterly, life in opposition would disintegrate Kadima, as its more enterprising MKs would seek government posts.

In such a narrow coalition, the National Union—the Knesset’s only seriously right-wing party—gains serious influence; essentially veto power.

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