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Just what can we do with ultra-leftists?

A new mini-scandal: the International Solidarity Movement videotaped an IDF officer hitting a foreign activist. There will be investigation and the officer will probably be demoted. But why?

Israeli just had expended significant resources to stop the ‘flytilla.‘ Hundreds of left-wingers were prevented from entering our country. This means that such people are recognized as a clear and present danger to public order.

In the above-mentioned incident, more than two hundred left-wingers in the Jordan Valley refused military orders to stop. Instead, they attempted to proceed and entered into clashes with the army. These people comprise such an ardently anti-Zionist crowd that it’s no wonder one of them was hit by a Jew; the wonder is that only one Jew did so.

In effect, the officer used minor force against a subversive element. Perhaps he could have used lesser force, but what is a point of being nice to those who want to destroy us?

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what to do is hug them. ur logic is flawed, the point of being nice to those who want to destroy us comes from the ancient Jewish source where it states “i love u, u love me…” which Rabbi Barney the Dinosaur said in the name of the elusive Bipolar Bear.

clearly the insensitive soldier who smashed face had not watched enough shiurs by Barney the dinosaur.

anyway i thought the soldier would of gotten a promotion but looks like its the typewriter, copy-machine and filing cabinets for him.

Guy Jaffa 16 April 2012

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