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Just how stupid is Obama?

Omar SuleimanThe NY Times reports that the Obama administration plans to remove Mubarak from power immediately and replace him with Suleiman.

Those people are truly ignorant. The riots are not about removing Mubarak, but about installing the Muslim Brotherhood, which openly pledges to renounce Egypt’s peace agreement with Israel. The rioters will never accept a government run by Suleiman, Mubarak’s security chief. Suleiman, strong and capable as he is, just cannot run a government: his mentality is totally different, one of clandestine operations, ultimate authority, and unrestricted use of force. And Suleiman is so old that the issue of his own replacement may well surface very soon.

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I am a long ways away, but agree with everything except for the main question of how stupid Obama is.
He is in office because of a weak opponent, the enormous powers of deception, and a supine media. He does not have the best interests of the US at heart, so that is why he seems stupid to you. God bless Israel.

Carbondioxide USA 04 February 2011

No Obama does not care for the interests of the Americans at all. He is not one of them. And just as Netanyahu stated; America-coming soon to a theater near you! So quickly they forgot their 9/11 attacks. When 9/11 happened, it was as if Al Quaeda had never existed before. Or Hamas, or Islamic Jihad. Or any one of the other 29 terrorist factions. No suicide bombing had ever happened except to them on 9/11. And we have fought for our countries’ survival against these creeps for thousands of years. We know their true face. And what they plan to bring to the world. America, consider for a moment that these Islamics will destroy YOUR COUNTRY before they take out Israel. Israel knows how to handle the Ishmaelites. America-the new kid on the block; only 400 years old and America will be as gone as if they never were.

Chaney J'Lem 06 February 2011

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