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Just how smart are some students?

Protesting studentsLeftist students have set up tent camps and instigated media hysteria over apartment rental prices.

The issue is complex. First, it is a clear attack by the leftist establishment on Netanyahu’s government. The students pushed out several conservative politicians who tried to speak with them, even though those politicians were actually active in housing legislation.

Second, the Israeli real estate bubble is being caused by two factors. One of these is job insecurity, which leads people to buy apartments rather than rent them, as is the norm in civilized countries. That drives up prices. The other is socialist-era zoning regulations, which prevent real estate development in formerly agricultural areas, which would easily dissolve the housing crunch.

Third, the students are demanding cheap housing in the city center, which is clearly impossible. They refuse to move to nearby villages where prices are much lower, or better still, to the settlements.

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