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Just how simple are the Americans?

North Korea has signed yet another agreement with the White House, which would provide the rogue state with half a million tons of food in return for merely freezing its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Never mind that freezing wouldn’t preclude scientific research on those same topics, and that North Korea currently has no funding for experiments in the first place. Once the food is received and situation improves, nothing would prevent the communists with continuing their nuclear program.

By the way, North Korea’s semi-official spy agency, Korean Friends Association, has an office in Israel headed by anti-Zionist communist Shmuel Yerushalmi. Mind you, North Korea does not recognize Israel and refers to our country as the Zionist Regime occupying Palestine

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Please take note, speaking for those of us Americans whom are not in agreement with this absurb “appeasement.”

We are trying to get this mess cleaned up in Washington.

Hopefully, we will get people elected that can think outside the box!


Ron xltserv1@aol.com 07 March 2012

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