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Just how primitive is the CIA?

Wikileaks published a secret report by a special analytical group working in the CIA. The report argues that because several American citizens have joined terrorist groups, the rest of the world might classify America as a country which exports terrorism and sever intelligence links with it.

The report begins by naming “Jewish, Muslim, and Irish” terrorist organizations, in just that order. The Jewish terrorist organization is, of course, Kach, a political party which has never committed an act of terror.

Governments and intelligence services throughout the world cooperate with real terror-exporting states: Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, to name a few. It must take a mighty dose of hashish to claim that the United States would be ostracized over its association with a few outcasts.

The report poses a serious question in its preamble: why does an economically advanced and culturally tolerant state like the United States breed terrorists? The answer, which is not even alluded to in the report, is simple: the state does not breed them, they appear through the power of statistics. A population of 300 million is bound to contain a few people who are willing to commit acts of terrorism.

This also applies to Palestine. Miraculously, 99% of Palestinians may moderate their views and forgive the Jews for taking away what they think of as Arab land. The remaining one percent would still more than suffice to man a terrorist enterprise and render any peace agreement with Israel meaningless.

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A population of 300 million is bound to contain a few people who are willing to commit acts of terrorism.

Reply: Don’t you think the converts to Islam, the Islamic mosques and the Quran, in the last decade, would bear looking into?

Kenny Hopkins Florien,LA,USA 14 September 2010

Kenny: Certainly they are a factor, but Oklahoma an Unibomber weren’t Muslims. And yes, the hotbeds of Muslim radicalism have to be censured.

admin 14 September 2010

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