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Junk bond casino opens in Israel

The infamous Milken Institute launched junk bond program for Israeli north. Milken Institute is a quasi-academic offshoot set up by Michael Milken, jailed in the US for machinations with junk bonds. Milken is barred from investment activity, and set up the Milken Institute as nominally non-financial front for his dirty operations.
Milken envisages a patriotic junk bond casino for Israeli north affected by the Lebanon war. As other Milkenís schemes, this one will milk the investors.
Milken Institute asked Israeli government to assist the scam.

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Obidiah should research his subject before commenting on integrity, re Milken.
There are law professors that have written books on Rudy Giuliani using illegal methods to achieve notoriety to become mayor of New York. Milken made a plea deal to avoid having his parents and other relatives subjected to illegal government harrasment and was convicted using unconstitutional expost facto rules.
As a commission salesman, he was paid on results, not by robbing anyone, as Obidiah implies.

Anonymous 05 July 2007

Milken, for example, routinely sold junk bonds between his clients to generate commissions with the clear conflict of interests.
Milken built pyramide schemes with obviously junk bonds and, in collusion with other operators, fixed the prices.
Pyramide investment is definitely a robbery.

Obadiah 06 July 2007

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Zello 16 May 2008

Junk bonds to pay for casino is a nice idea suitable for such a dirty Jew!Not that many people would have enough courage to do so after arrest. Junk bonds to pay for casino is what Israelis may be proud of.

Noel San_Pedro 22 April 2010

No surprise that after such events Israel,JFK death are so close in press.

Ryker#1 Santa_Ana 22 April 2010

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