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Journalists defend their right to commit treason

The Israeli Journalists Association is planning a demonatration to protest criminal charges against Blau, an ultra-leftist journalist for Haaretz who obtained, concealed, and published classified military documents. In the most lenient fashion, the Attorney General charged him merely with possession of classified documents rather than high treason.

Uri Blau

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The only people who would want to read IDF SECRETS would be the enemy . So aiding and abiding the enemy would be a mandatory death penalty. No ifs ands ,or buts. He is guilty. Hang the rat faced Bastard !

fangs out 04 June 2012

Publish what you wish . The penalty ck treason is death!!!!!

fangs out 04 June 2012

Censorship you people are real good at.

fangs out 04 June 2012

Ok try this one how many lives (Jewish) did rat facd blau risk or Israeli securit y ? He sure gave the enemy ammunition to degrade his own country. Why the Muslims will have a dinner for him.

fangs out 04 June 2012

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