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Jordan's false dilemma

Jordan’s princeling publicly put to Israel the question of whether she wants conflict or peace.

In fact, our goal is neither. We want our land. If it comes with peace, fine; if it requires conflict, recent history proves that the Arabs have more to fear.

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Genesis 12:3 ” those who bless israel I will bless and those who treat her lightly I must curse…”

He will protect israel because he is a faithful covenant keeper…though she (nor any of mankind) has not been. His name will be glorified among all nations and her enemies will be destroyed for His name sake. read Ezekial 38 & 39 to see what is gathering against Israel and the outcome. G_D is actively involved in world events all the time. if you have ears to hear – turn from your selfcentered ways, humble yourself and perhaps he will show you (us) mercy.

denise hopeman albuquerque 27 March 2010

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