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Jordan cracks down on Hezbollah cells

Following Egypt’s lead, Jordan arrested several members of Hezbollah cells, reports Debka.

While Egypt, angry at Hamas for letting it down diplomatically by refusing a unity government with Fatah, could arrest Hezbollah liaisons to Hamas for the sake of revenge, Jordan’s actions suggest that the Sunnis are heating up their relations with Iran to justify letting Israeli jets through en route to bombing Natanz.

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HEZBOLLAH IN JORDAN will hardly be particularly happy about Israeli presence there. Apart from this, HEZBOLLAH IN JORDAN may start acting and Sunnis will be in trouble.

Tanner Saginaw 22 April 2010

Judge the slave and the widow / Judge the orphan may be the words applicable to Jordan very soon if theykeep on treating Hezbollah in this way.

Renzo Saint-Pierre 22 April 2010

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