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Jews trying to save anti-Semite

For some hard-to-understand reason, Jewish doctors from Tel Aviv’s Tel HaShomer hospital are trying to resuscitate a foreigner named Tristan Anderson, one of the anarchist activists who attacked Israeli troops at Niilin. Anderson was struck in the head by a tear-gas canister: merciful IDF soldiers fired tear gas rather than bullets.

Tristan receives free treatment from Jews after he sought to undermine our security by damaging the separation wall.

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The reason is not hard to understand. Unlike the anti-Semites, the Islamist butchers and the retarded left, we Jews believe in the sanctity of life and we practice compassion. These are the things that have kept us a viable people through 2000 years of the diaspora. If we lose these traits we become just as vile as those who seek to destroy us.

Mike Charlottenc 14 March 2009

Rabbis defined two types of compassion: the proper mercy and the mercy of fools. They commented, “Just as they would have no mercy upon you, you should have no mercy upon them.”

admin 14 March 2009

Yeah, I agree with the first comment… Bad enough that our enemies are so low, we SHOULDN’T stoop down to their level! One of the simanim of a jew is compassion and I think it’s the greatest trait a person can possess!

yocheved montreal 16 March 2009

Rabbi Kahane used to say that if Jews don’t descend to the level of their enemies, they might descend two meters deeper.

admin 16 March 2009

He was wrong. We’re not still around because our violence equals or exceeds that of our enemies.
All nations which have lived by the sword have perished by it. The exemption for Jews is not automatic. It’s because of actions exactly like this; compassion for our enemies. It is not a foolish mercy, the type likely to change an antisemite’s mind. In any event, it’s our only course, because we’ve certainly had plenty of proof that G-D will not intervene militarily on our behalf…it has been some time since He last did so.

JS 26 May 2009

All nations perished whether they lived by the sword or plough
As for the compassion for enemies, wasn’t it King David who praised the righteous who wash their feet in blood of the wicked?
During the 1,900 years when Jews had no army, we indeed had every reason to be compassionate to our enemies.

admin 27 May 2009

Compassion to anti-Semite is normal. Would Jews like to watch him die?! Besides after compassion to anti-Semite, anti-Semite himself will change for the better.

Zach Royal_Oak 22 April 2010

That’s the reason why Jews hate Obama and many other countries as well since those support Arabs and Jews then have to demonstrate sympathy.

Cruz Ruby 22 April 2010

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